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An American student recruiting company

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SME Group is an American international student recruiting company, incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania.

One Family Financial

One Family Financial Limited is a Jamaican charitable organization. One Family Financial’s core objective is assisting students to finance studying abroad.

Our Values

MISSION:Our firmly committed to mission at SME Group and One Family Financial is reducing the difficulty associated with searching for, applying to and enrolling in colleges abroad, experienced by high school students.

VISION:SME, One Family… our all-embracing vision is to create a comfortable, safe and welcoming place of ease that allows students and people of all ages to search for, find and apply to colleges in different parts of the world; a chance to see, feel and experience education in a completely new environment; a chance to see, feel, live and get a chance to start over or perhaps get the chance to finally live life somewhere new. Education via studying abroad can provide these benefits, and it is our sincerest effort at SME Group and One Family Financial to see this goal to fruition.


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